Are you frustrated by reaching the interview stage but never being the chosen candidate?

Do you feel like you're lacking confidence in how to answer the hard questions? 

Do you have your eye on a job you really want and want to make sure you secure it?

Perhaps you feel like you have mindset blocks that leave you anxious or feeling like you walk away from the interview knowing you didn't showcase how awesome you are?

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Don't leave your career success to chance. 

The Stellar Interviews programme will: 

  • Give you complete confidence about your approach to interviews 

  • Allow you to overcome any mindset blocks or niggling worries 

  • Access the best interview advice and guidance on tackling the trickier questions and making an impact

This package includes everything you need to ace any interview: 

  • Lifetime access to four modules of exclusive content: Four modules of content including guided exercises on a few key aspects of interview preparation including how to really pinpoint your USPs and show how you make an impact with these, the best way to structure a brief introduction to yourself at the start of an interview and other preparation you can do to put yourself well ahead of the rest of the pack 

  • In-depth Practice Interview: We'll run through an in-depth practice interview tailored to the roles that you're applying for. We'll do this via Zoom so that you can access a downloadable recording of your session should you want to watch it back now or in the future. We'll also cover any mindset blocks or challenges you feel you want to overcome in relation to interviews. This session will last around 1.5 hours in total

  • Feedback Report: A follow-up email feedback report that captures suggestions for tweaks that you can make to ace the interview 

  • Email Support: Email support regarding interviews for four weeks after our session


In order to get the best from this package we will request the following from you: 

  • Role Details: The job spec for the role you are applying to (if there is a specific job in mind) or links to a couple of examples of the kind of vacancies you are applying for 

  • Resume/CV: A copy of your current resume/CV

  • Challenges: Details of any interview questions you have found challenging in the past or are unsure how to answer or any other challenges you feel you have around the interview process.