A poet once said “Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” What would your answer be?


Our 16 week career change coaching programme based on the Purpose-Driven Career Blueprint will take you on a journey from uncertainty about your present career and not knowing what your next step might be, through to having a clear vision of a career that is absolutely right for you, and an action plan for how to create it.


This programme is unique in that it combines the: 

  • Deep work needed to figure out your values and purpose 

  • Transformational coaching needed to break through mindset blocks that can hold you back like lack of confidence and imposter syndrome

  • Career coaching needed on all of the aspects involved in changing roles or industries

  • A full business / freelancer / consultant start-up bootcamp for those that decide to become self-employed. 

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No other programme exists on the market that provides this end-to-end support across the whole journey you will go through; I'm only able to deliver this because of my unique combination of experience across transformational coaching, career coaching, leadership positions and management consulting.  

To discuss taking part in the programme, please request an initial call with me by clicking here. 

The Purpose-Driven Career Programme provides a very structured process and framework which takes you through the following steps: 


- Welcome to the programme, programme orientation - Taking stock - Reducing your stress levels - Making meditation happen: ninja meditation skills to manage stress - Your next level life vision


- Uncovering your values, creating your core value statement - Identifying your energy drains and energy fillers - Your unique skills and talents (including Gallup strengths assessment) - Your definition of success - Creating your personal vision statement


- Your finance audit - Wealth and work beliefs - Uncovering your limiting beliefs, choosing your beliefs - How to overcome imposter syndrome - Detaching from outcome - Building new daily routines for success - Creating your unique next level life options - Powerhouse networking for extroverts and introverts (part one)


- Getting deep insights into your unique next level life options (this involves practical assignments) - Powerhouse networking for extroverts and introverts (part one) - Coming to terms with loss, what does moving on from your current life stage mean to you - How to evaluate your next level life options


- How to develop your intuition - Choosing your next level life - Taking control of your story - Creating your next level life transition plan Pick and choose relevant options according to your unique plan and whether you choose to change role/industry as an employee or become a freelancer, consultant or become your own boss: FOR ALL - Personal branding, positioning yourself for success FOR CAREER CHANGERS - How to create opportunities that others can't see - Creating the ultimate career change CV - Uplevelling your LinkedIn profile - Ultimate interview skills for career changers FOR FREELANCERS, CONSULTANTS & START UPS - Be your own boss, the basics (business models, finances, legal) - Your business vision statement - Your business plan - Marketing mastermind (part one) - Marketing mastermind (part two) - Marketing mastermind (part three) - Marketing mastermind (part four) - Being a solopreneur, set yourself up for success - Being a freelancer, set yourself up for success - Being a consultant, set yourself up for success


- Taking action on your transition plan - Keeping up momentum - Expanding your energy


- Recap & next steps - Your free, ongoing support system

Laura, UK


“I admit to being a bit cynical about how much the programme would help as ironically I work for a company that is supposed to help people transition careers after redundancy. I tried their materials that I had access to for free and they didn't really help. This programme is fantastic though, the content is excellent and exactly what I need”