You don't have to choose between loving your job and paying your bills. It's time to do work that matters, makes an impact and lights you up.


I’m Sarah Stoddart Burrows, transformational career coach, behavioural change expert and business strategist for successful, purpose-led women.


I call bullshit on the myth that you have to choose between having a career that gives you purpose, fulfilment and joy OR being able to pay the bills. YOU CAN DO BOTH.


My purpose is to empower women to cast off the corporate careers that keep us shackled to jobs that don’t align to our values and that keep us small, stressed and unfulfilled.


We can help you to figure out who you really are, what your true purpose is and how to transition into the next phase of your career, and life, with absolute confidence.


You’re here because you know that you are meant for something more. You want to make an impact in the world and do something that lights you up and gets you excited to get out of bed on a Monday morning. But one thing isn’t clear: how to get there.


That’s where we come in.


Whether you want to figure out your purpose or whether you have that figured out and just need help to make your dream a reality we can help.


Let’s do it together.

Doing Good...

A proportion of our profits is donated to Refuge and Women's Aid to support women experiencing domestic violence to take their first steps towards safety.